Autumn 2016 with Wymer!

Wymer's DC is active once again after a three month hiatus!

We will be regularly updating the site as well as fixing error submissions sent in by our users. Jessica Smith, the creator of Wymer's DC will be speaking the at the Annual Conference on D.C. History of November 4th if you are local and want to learn more.

As a reminder, while the Wymer collection is 4,000 images, only 2,300 of those are available for use in this project because those are the only ones which have been scanned in high resolution. The remaining 1,700 Wymer images are available to see only in person at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. (HSW).

For those of you familiar with the collection, you may have seen Wymer images in person that will not be used on this site simply because they haven't been scanned. As more Wymer images are scanned at HSW, we will add those images to our bank and continue to update the site.
Are you interested in being a volunteer on this project? There are several volunteer tracks which anyone can participate in remotely. All that's needed is a computer and internet access. Contact for more information.

Check out the previous post for more information on the site and its creation.